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When I met Christopher Broome, some 8 years ago at Victor Chandler in Gibraltar, I thought he was handsome, kind, sensitive, caring and definitely Gay. Over the following years, despite skin tight pink shirts, packet enhancing trousers and perfect hair, he proved me wrong.

Having spent many a happy a month living with Chris on his boat and as a neighbour, I am perhaps privy to certain confidential information which could yield a good return when the time is right. E.g. now!

BK (Before Kerry)

Chris has dated Russian supermodels, millionaire estate agents, 6 black chiropractors, friends of friends, but they all failed to capture his heart, although some of them did rock his boat. Somehow, he never managed to find his perfect woman one had too big feet, one had too big an ex boyfriend, one danced better than him etc.

AK (After Kerry)

Since the Day Chris and Kerry got together (again), Chris has become the most dedicated, responsible, kind, sensitive, caring, slightly gay man I know. With Kerry his now perfect and complete, much to the chagrin of supermodels, estate agents and chiropractors world wide.

I look up to Chris as the perfect man, especially in the hair department. I look up to Kerry and her fantastic generosity, especially in the cake department. They are both beautiful, intelligent, wise and have a nice pool. With friends like that, we are indeed rich.

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